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Doodle Oven Terms of Use and Copyright Policy

First, I am so glad you have chosen to purchase these quality graphics. I believe you will enjoy using them! When you purchase, or receive through an official Doodle Oven-sponsored giveaway, one of my graphics, graphics sets, clip art, educational items, or worksheets (“Work(s)”) created by Heidi Babin (“Heidi”) for Doodle Oven, LLC, you (“Purchaser”) agree to the following:

  • Limited License: Heidi maintains all copyright of Works. Put plain and simply, Purchaser does not have rights to the Work, but may use the original, unaltered Works in their classroom or to create something new, such as an activity worksheet or printable. Purchaser is entitled to a limited license to use the Work for personal, classroom, or limited commercial use (as limited below). Clip art and graphics, only, may be used to create derivative works for sale. Any digital use of the Work must be flattened or otherwise protected so that the original Work may not be copied or extracted.
  • Prohibited Acts: Purchaser may not alter, sell, share or distribute original Work(s) in part or in whole outside the scope of the limited license as described herein. This limited license may not be assigned. Under no circumstances may Purchaser sell clip art or graphics as a coloring sheet(s), or a similar work with no additional content. Purchaser agrees to not post Works on the internet or other shared electronic storage.
  • Third Party Use: This non-transferrable license is intended for individual use only. Works shall not be shared with third parties, including colleagues, unless Purchaser purchases additional licenses. Organizations that wish to purchase Works shall contact Heidi Babin directly to purchase an organizational license.
  • Authorship Credit: Purchaser accepts that Heidi worked hard to create the Work(s). Purchaser agrees that for all uses of the Works, Purchaser must give proper credit to Heidi on the work, or on the “Credit” or “Thank You” page for all derivative works. (I.e. “Copyright © 2014. Heidi Babin.”).
  • Item Purchased: Purchaser is entitled to a single download of the Work. This license includes the digital file of the Work and all updates and new versions for your personal use only.
  • Commercial License: This license does not extend to commercial production of more than 500 copies of a derivative work or product incorporating a graphic or clip art. Purchaser must contact Heidi to negotiate a commercial license in order to sell greater than 500 copies of a derivative work.
  • Purchaser Warranties: Purchaser agrees to pay for all Works purchased from Doodle Oven. Purchaser is responsible for the timely payment of all sales prices and fees. Purchaser certifies that by purchasing from Doodle Oven, Purchaser is authorized to enter into agreements and make purchases electronically.
  • All Sales Final: All sales are final, and no refunds are available.
  • Authorized Use: No use of the Work(s) may violate copyright and other laws of the United States, and other countries, as well as applicable state laws, and Purchaser may be subject to liability for such unauthorized use. Purchaser warrants that Purchaser’s use of the Work(s) will not violate any applicable federal or local laws in Purchaser’s jurisdiction.
  • Indemnity: Purchaser agrees to indemnify Heidi and Doodle Oven for any liability either may incur as a result of Purchaser’s use of a Work or any e-commerce website.
  • Governing Law: In the event of any dispute between Purchaser and Heidi, Doodle Oven, or their successors and assigns, U.S. Copyright Law and the Law of the State of Louisiana shall govern.

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  1. eskimokiedokie
    March 19, 2014 / 5:22 pm

    Sounds like a plan. 🙂 Angela

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