life just happened…

life just happened…

Disclaimer: Honest confessions are contained in this post.

I have been MIA from my blog for a few months…it is because ‘life just happened’.

I realize that this only affects about 10 people (thank you my faithful few followers)! And I realize that being “busy” really is not a good excuse, so I will try to use it no more after this post. I am sure you can relate…that life is so insanely busy that something has to give. Something just does not happen. Unfortunately, the last few months it was my blog that was “left out”. I do not have solutions on how to get past the busy in our lives, but we can work our way through this together!

Before I start rambling aimlessly, about the typical volunteering to teach art lessons at my child’s school, the end of school for my daughter, my Board of Trustees meetings (12 hours away), creating new artwork for clients, illustrating a book, personal parties, church events, giving a workshop at statewide convention, and family trips…{oops, got carried away}

…a fellow artist and Australian blogger (who is a very talented designer) suggested that I read a book called “Blogging for Creatives”. I want to take a moment to say, “Thank you, Lamai” from for recommending this read! It has been IMMENSELY helpful (in more ways than I want to admit).  The book has given me clear direction on how to be a better blogger. {wish me luck…and maybe don’t judge based on this post alone.} Here’s to better blogging!

Here is what to look for in future posts…


Right now I am in the middle of a MAJOR office make-over. I will be posting BEFORE and AFTER pics just as soon as it is complete! Along with some brief explanations about what in the world I was thinking!



Until then here are a few pics from our Spring season in Louisiana!

(Feel free to leave comments or ask me questions about why we do the things we do down here!)


Azalea hot pink 2014

Beautiful hot pink Azaleas! They only bloom about 1 week of the year, but they are absolutely gorgeous!

crawfish boil2014

Crawfish boil at my brother-in-law’s home! YUMMMMM!!!!

Azalea 2014

More azaleas…they can be found in many varieties of colors such as white with pink centers, yellow, hot pink, coral, solid white, and light pink (just to name a few!)




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