How to Secretly Inspire a child to recognize numbers

How to Secretly Inspire a child to recognize numbers

So you’ve probably noticed that the Zentangle® method of pattern drawing of drawing is one of the biggest trends right now.  You may not have even realized that is what you were looking at, but it has a registered name. And I personally LOVE it!


When I draw it I call it “doodling”…and I adore drawing doodles!


Though for quite some time I have noticed that most of the drawings are geared toward adults or older students. I have felt as if younger people have been left out. I realize, I am guilty, too. When I have created doodle drawings in the past, I was thinking of middle to upper elementary students. I kept looking at my youngest child (that I will begin homeschooling in just a few short weeks…if I can get my courage up) and wondered if there was something I could do for him. After talking with a colleague about potential uses for doodle drawings, the idea came up to create educational coloring sheets for younger learners! Brilliant! {I LOVE brainstorming with my genius friends!}


And so Doodle Color by Number and Shape worksheets were born…
(these are specifically geared toward younger children)

9 color by doodle coloring sheet


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Since my youngest will be starting into school AND needing to work on fine motor skills I created these doodle coloring sheets. He will be able to work on number and shape recognition all while having fun coloring and strengthening those little hand and finger muscles! Side note: I am getting more excited {less terrified} of teaching my son this year!


Preview BTS Doodle Color by number 18 Blog


Not only will I be helping him with these vital skills, but they will also allow him to work independently. And boy is that empowering as a little person!? {Confession: it also allows his teacher to complete other tasks and not need to watch his every move!)

What I love about these worksheets is that a child will learn to recognize numbers and shapes through a fun coloring activity. And when they have finished coloring the sheet, they look amazing! I have included a variance of difficulty. This allows for students to be challenged by the size of the coloring area, which in turn really works on those important fine motor skills. (oh, and as a bonus, I included 4 pages of addition and subtraction doodle color by number worksheets.)

PREVIEW FREEBIE Doodle Color by number LO RES

Click here to grab some freebies to try out!

If you’d like to check out the digital download

of doodle Color by Number and Shape worksheets, click here.

Preview 1-20 Doodle Color by number

To view it on TpT, click here


Over the next few weeks I will be getting our classroom set-up (maybe even paint a little) and definitely organizing! I hope you’ll join us for these adventures!


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