Christmas Ornaments for Children

Christmas Ornaments for Children

I love every branch of my Christmas tree to be full and sagging with mismatched and memorable ornaments.

You know the kind I am talking about, the kind of ornaments that when you put them on the tree you sigh a little (maybe you sigh out loud, maybe just in your mind). Some ornaments are handmade and some are store bought, but either way your mind is bombarded with a host of nostalgic memories!

This year is no exception to wanting to make memories. I am linking some Christmas ornament templates that you can make with your kids. (Or when no one is watching, make them for yourself like I did!)

Click here to snag your free whimsical Christmas tree template.Preview FREEBIE TREE PDF Ornaments Cover page


Click here for the entire set. This set features 2-sided ornaments, 3-D ornaments, and frame ornaments. (The frame ornaments are always great to capture pictures of your student’s or children’s faces.)

These make fantastic gifts for grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles!

Preview lo res Ornaments Cover page

I love that these are very low prep. You can essentially just make copies and let the children get creative and color. (some will require minimal help depending on the age/ability of the child)


I hope you and yours have fun decorating your Christmas trees and classrooms!
Merry Christmas!


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