Greek and Latin Roots Coloring Pages {Instant Digital Download}

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Greek and Latin Roots Activities Are you the kind of educator that believes that visual arts should coincide with learning in the classroom and that the arts can be used to help students master knowledge? If so, then you are going to love these Greek and Latin Roots activities! They were designed to help students visualize the meaning of Greek and Latin Root words and really have lasting impact on their learning and retention.

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What makes these activity pages great is that they are extremely versatile! They are ideal for students as young as first grade as an introduction to Greek and Latin root words and are a great break from the mundane for older students. I love that the student’s whole brain is being engaged and challenged in these resources! Many of the coloring pages are inspired by the Zentangle® method of pattern drawing. Students and teachers both love to color Zentangle® coloring pages! Each root has two coloring pages to reinforce the Greek & Latin Root meanings. This gives you 60 coloring pages!

Unit 1 – Roots: graph, photo, cred, aud/audi, ped/pod
Unit 2 – Roots: port, hydr, phon, bio, chron
Unit 3 – Roots: log/logue, astr, rupt, meter/metr, therm
Unit 4 – Roots: dict, geo, grad/gres, ject, scrib/script
Unit 5 – Roots: jur/jud, mal, mit/mis, spec, vit/viv
Unit 6 – Roots: struct, tract, vac, bene/bon, vis/vid</strong> ====================================================================

This is a PDF file created at 300 dpi (which means it will print crystal clear) at a standard 8½”x11” sheet.

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