Brilliant Marketing…

Brilliant Marketing…

Okay, so I think that Coca-Cola’s new “Share a Coke” marketing is genius.

Think about it, when was the last time people of all ages were searching for their own names in the stores? Or buying one for a friend or family member, because they happened across someone’s name?

And while I have heard that it has not translated into the increase sales that Coke was hoping for, it certainly has kept Coke on our minds! I catch myself looking for my name…don’t you?
It is like an Easter egg hunt!

If you want to know if your name made the list of popular names. Just hop on over to and see!
(I just checked, and my name was not printed on a bottle in stores.)


No worries though! I was able to make a virtual bottle with my name! Yay!! Check this out!



If you’re one of the people (like me) who has a “unique” name…why don’t you run over to the website and create your own virtual bottle! (Confession: I was glad to finally find a bottle with my name.)

…or just enjoy scouring the stores for your name.




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