Where I Live

Where I Live

This summer came through like a Category 5 hurricane!

So much for my pipe-dream of a relaxing, peaceful summer!

To my great disappointment, the summer came to an abrupt end, and we ushered in the school year. Why does summer seem to get shorter every year!?

My poor little blog has been neglected the last few weeks, so I hope you do not think I forgot about it! My phone alarm blared “Song of the South” regularly every Thursday and Friday asking if I had “posted to my blog this week”!  Well…I have not…here is just a sampling of what my summer looked like (I’ll just share the last 3 weeks with you…but the summer was just as crazy!)  First school started with a fury…then I got sick (a nasty stomach bug)…as soon as I was well…one of my kids got sick. Then she finally got well and I was involved in a minor car wreck (thankfully we were okay except for sore necks…). Of course the guy who hit me had no insurance, a suspended license and two warrants out for his arrest. I mean really…what more could I expect?!

So now that you have a monologue on our summer…and how crazy 3 weeks of it was {I didn’t want to bore you with a blow-by-blow of our entire summer}. I just want you to know that is where I live. I live in the land of insane schedules and more on my “To Do list” than there are hours in a day! I try to be wife, mom, small business owner, work a part-time job at our local church, volunteer for countless events and school functions…but don’t we all “live there”? We say “yes” to so much…but by saying “yes” what are we saying, “NO” to?? I am trying to figure out how to keep that in balance. And I do not have it figured out, people!

What filled up your time this summer?? How are you making changes to make life simple?
 I’d love to hear from  you! (feel free to comment below)


In stark contrast (below) are pictures of trees near where I live. I hope you enjoy them. I think they have a stately, SIMPLE beauty. And that is what I long for…simple…

So,what’s up next on The Doodle Oven??
How to make yummy homemade Maple-Bacon Ice cream! (and it is lactose-free!)

8-29-14 - Oak 48-29-14 - Oak 38-29-14 - Oak 28-29-14 - Oak 1



  1. Linda McPherson
    August 29, 2014 / 11:36 pm

    These trees are beautiful!!

    Making life simpler….I’m not sure I know the meaning or how to … so when you figure it out let us know!!

    • thedoodleoven@cox.net
      August 29, 2014 / 11:46 pm

      Thank you! Louisiana has some quirks…but I think it has beautiful scenery.

      Yes, I certainly do not have it figured out how to simplify.
      We do try to take at least one day of the week just for family fun or family time. I feel like that is vital to keep us connected. But that is about all I have figured out…

  2. Karen
    August 30, 2014 / 8:04 am

    Love and miss those Louisiana trees! I always make a point to slow down and enjoy my family in the summer time. I realize that I’m incredibly blessed and lucky to be an educator and to be married to one too. Now that we have one week of back to school under our belts, I’m really trying to slow down the weekends together.

    • thedoodleoven@cox.net
      August 30, 2014 / 9:27 am

      I think that is a great perspective! “Making it a point” to slow down. I definitely think you’re on to something. I believe you are right, it is a decision we make to make time.

      We try to have family time on the weekends, too. That is why we have memberships at zoos in two different cities. 🙂 This is a great investment for our family.

      Keep up “making time” my friend!

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