The Day We ALL Ran Away From Home…

The Day We ALL Ran Away From Home…

Our lives are crazy busy. Probably just like yours. We wear more hats than is normal…or sane, but we do it anyhow.

My husband and I are increasingly seeing the need to retire a few of the “hats” we wear. We do not want to look back on our children’s young lives with regret because we did NOT spend enough time with them. It seems like every day has a more break-neck pace than the day before. A few weeks ago, I was nearing a breaking point, physically and mentally. I needed peace, quiet, and absolutely nothing to do.


We decided to take our family on an all-day outing to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, LA, that included a picnic lunch in my hubby’s truck bed. We were having a wonderful time, when I received some distressing information. The information is not as important as the fact that it emotionally sent me over the edge. (Side Note: text messages are not a good method in talking over concerns.)

I did not receive the information well. I was immediately hurt, angry, frustrated, devastated, and my spirit felt crushed. I wanted to run further away. Anywhere. I wanted to take my family and run away from everything and everyone.

My sweet husband, in an attempt to console me, asked me what I wanted to do. On a whim, I suggested that instead of going west and heading home that night, that we should go east and head to the beach.
After almost no discussion, we decided we’d go on a never-before-attempted-adventure as a family. We would go with the clothes on our backs and stay the night at the beach. Once we arrived, we stopped at a local grocery store and bought 6 toothbrushes for $1 (not the highest quality I can assure you), travel toothpaste, and travel deodorant. We did not NEED anything else.

sized H & B backs at sunset


Running away from home for a night was the best adventure our family has had in years!

We had no plans.

We had no schedule to keep.

We had no pressure.

It was simply…us.


That night we enjoyed the squeals and shrieks of delight as our children got their toes wet in the Gulf of Mexico. The higher the water splashed, the louder the laughter and the bigger the smiles. My husband romantically wrote RB + HB in the sand. {sigh} He really knows how to melt my heart. The wind blew refreshingly through our souls. All the pressures and stresses that had been building up for months was gone.


God knew we needed to run away and bask in His creation…and just BE.

sized H & B silhouettes

I can hear the echo of ecstatic squeals in my ears even now…

…I shall hear it again…

…the next time we decide to run away from home!

sized H & B silhouettes running

Have you ever taken a spur-of-the-moment getaway? I’d love to hear your story!


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Note added after publication: 

I have had several friends ask if they “text” me something that was troubling. It was not any of you. I am thankful to say that all the misconceptions were dispelled and all is well. 




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