Greek and Latin Roots Coloring Activities Mega Bundle

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Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes, and Number Prefixes Coloring Activities MEGA BUNDLE includes over 130 unique coloring pages.


Included in this MEGA BUNDLE:

• Volume 1: (2 coloring pages per root = 60+ unique coloring activities)
Unit 1 – Roots: graph, photo, cred, aud/audi, ped/pod
Unit 2 – Roots: port, hydr, phon, bio, chron
Unit 3 – Roots: log/logue, astr, rupt, meter/metr, therm
Unit 4 – Roots: dict, geo, grad/gres, ject, scrib/script
Unit 5 – Roots: jur/jud, mal, mit/mis, spec, vit/viv
Unit 6 – Roots: struct, tract, vac, bene/bon, vis/vid

•Volume 2: (2 coloring pages/root=30 total coloring pages)
aqua (water)
circ (around)
duce/duct (lead)
foli (leaf)
frac/frag (to break)
hosp/host (guest, host)
loc (place)
man/manu (by hand)
mar/mer (sea, pool)
mob/mot/move (move)
mor/mort (death)
spir (to breathe)
tech (skill, art)
tend/tens/tent (stretch, strain)
voc/vok (voice, call)

•Prefixes Activities: (1 coloring pages/prefix set = 23 total coloring pages)
non, ir, in, im, il (not)
dis, anti, de (not, opposite of, against, away)
counter, contra (opposite, against)
pre, fore, ante before)
post (after)
con, com, co (with)
hyper, super (over, above)
hypo, sub (under, below)
tele (far)
ab (away from)
dys (bad, abnormal)
neo (new)
en (cause to)
ad (to, toward)
ambi- (both)
trans- (across, beyond, change)
auto- (self, same)
inter- (between, among)
intra- (inside, within)
ex-, ef- (out, away from)
a-, an- (not, without)
peri- (around)
sym-, syn- (with, together)

•Greek and Latin Number Prefixes (1 coloring page/prefix = 20 coloring activities)
•Latin Number Coloring Pages
uni (one)
bi (two)
tri (three)
quad (four)
quint (five)
sex (six)
sept (seven)
oct (eight)
non (nine)
dec (ten)
•Greek Number Coloring Pages
mono (one)
di (two)
tri (three)
tetra (four)
penta (five)
hex (six)
hept (seven)
oct (eight)
ennea (nine)
dec (ten)


This is a ZIP. Please extract all files. The individual files are PDFs that are created at 300 dpi (which means it will print crystal clear) at a standard 8½”x11” sheet.



What makes these activity pages great is that they are extremely versatile! They are ideal for students as young as first grade as an introduction to Greek and Latin root words and are a great break from the mundane for older students. When you combine these educational coloring pages with the Greek and Latin resources from Lovin’ Lit’s store you have the perfect combination of right brain and left brain activities. I love that the student’s whole brain is being engaged and challenged in these resources! Many of the coloring pages are inspired by the Zentangle® method of pattern drawing. Students and teachers both love to color Zentangle® coloring pages!





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