Music Doodle Coloring Pages {Instant Digital Download}



Music Doodle Coloring Pages — Ideal for little (or big) musicians-in-training!

I believe that the visual arts belong in the classroom. Because I feel so passionately that the visual arts should be in the classroom, I have created a series of quality coloring pages that will benefit you and your students.

If you are the kind of educator that believes that creativity and visual arts should coincide in the classroom, then you’ll love how these music Doodle coloring sheets blend visual and auditory arts. I believe that having arts in the class is vital to help students with making strategies, problem solving, and planning ahead (just to name a few).

Get ready to have fun with these music coloring sheets! The music coloring sheets are like nothing you have ever colored before! The music coloring sheets are inspired by the Zentangle® method of pattern drawing.

Each page is full of unique doodles that take a traditional coloring sheet to a whole new level!! What makes these unique is that students will color the exact way they have in the past, but the end result looks amazing! Each student can choose how detailed they want to be on his/her music symbol drawing, so this activity allows for varying abilities. (see preview for a closer view of coloring sheet)

These coloring sheets are ideal for introducing new music notes and music symbols in a fun, creative way! These music coloring sheets look amazing when colored, cut out, and put on a bulletin board! In a studio setting, these sheets may be used for students waiting before or after their lessons.

WARNING: Teachers and students may become a *wee bit* addicted to these music coloring sheets!

Coloring sheets include:

(each sheet comes with and without borders, and also without border or text)
• Whole Note
• Half Note
• Quarter Note
• Eighth Note
• Sixteenth Note
• Pianissimo
• Piano
• Mezzo Piano
• Mezzo Forte
• Forte
• Fortissimo
• Whole Rest
• Half Rest
• Half and Whole Rest on one page
• Quarter Rest
• Eighth Rest
• Treble Clef
• Bass Clef
• Repeat
• Fermata
Also included: 7 Creative Ways to Super-Charge Traditional Coloring Sheets, samples of how to color these music sheets!
These coloring sheets are ideal for early finishers, centers, the “Sub Tub”, rewards, building fine motor skills, encourage right brain development, or just when you and your class need some relaxing down time.

I have included the files to print on a standard 8½”x 11″ sheet.

All artwork created at 300 dpi, and prints crystal clear making it ideal for copying! For easy printing, I have made the file a PDF.

The Original Purchaser of this resource has permission to reproduce the pages in the quantity needed for the purchaser’s classroom ONLY. (For personal or classroom use.)




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