New Year Resolutions with a Twist {Instant Digital Download}

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New Years Resolutions 2016 – Writing Activity

I can almost hear the groaning as we start thinking up our New Years Resolutions…not this year!!

***You’ll love that these pages may be used year after year, not just for New Year 2016!***

This set of New Years Resolutions (self-evaluation) writing activities is fun and engaging! Students set realistic goals for themselves, their class, school, community and family! They are ideal for Smart Goals and Data Binders! The New Years Resolutions writing activities are created so that the activity may be abbreviated or extended.

One thing I love about these writing activities is that instead of only looking introspectively, help children broaden their community awareness. By having students engage in thinking of more than just how to “improve themselves” this year, you can actually help them be compassionate and aware of the needs of others. This is a good family or classroom activity. It allows children, youth and adults to engage in self-evaluation and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

What makes this set of New Years Resolutions so unique is that it covers different learning styles/abilities to enable students to engage critical thinking skills on how to “make that happen”. And for those learners who are visual or for all the children who simply LOVE TO DRAW (which is nearly all of them isn’t it?)…there is a section that allows the students to draw how they will make the resolution happen.

Additionally, one of the sections on the worksheet allows the participants to hear from each other or other adults his/her strengths! How encouraging! It will likely be something they will never forget.

Included are:
Goal Setting & Evaluation pages regarding: individual, family, school, class, and community.

They are created at a high resolution in black and white for easy copying.

Also included are two versions of the goal setting sheets. One version is more of an ink-saver/page saver, where all the questions and activities are on one page. The second version allows you to chose when and how much you use. You may have more in-depth conversations/self-evaluations using the individual sheets.

For personal or classroom use only.


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